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Time Monitor 1.2.6

Time Monitor 1.2.6: Time Monitor is parental control software designed to limit kids computer time Time Monitor v1.2.6 for Windows is parental control software designed to limit the time your kids spend using a computer. Time Monitor puts you in control of deciding when they can log on and for how long. Time Monitor is easy to use, free to try, and runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Time Monitor features include: * Limit computer time to only so many hours per day * Schedule time limits in 1/2 hour increments * Force logoff at designated

TimesUpKidz 2010-06-25: Limits kids` computer time. Gives audible reminders like '5 minutes left'.
TimesUpKidz 2010-06-25

TimesUpKidz allows parents to limit their kids` computer time. Set daily/weekly limits, block usage during specific hours of the day or night, and require periodic breaks. Kids hear audible reminders like "5 minutes left" and can`t use the computer when time runs out. Tough for tech-savvy teens to defeat.

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Parent Tools for AIM 2.0.1

Limit online time to a certain number of hours per day: Set online time limits for all screen names or create different limits for each different screen name on your computer. Create an online schedule to limit times per day online: Create schedules where screen names can only sign on at your specified times Disable chat rooms with objectionable titles: Block out objectionable chat rooms that contain words or phrases that you specify. Disable incoming

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AlaTimer Fred Flintstone helps parents limit the time kids use the computer and Internet.

AlaTimer, with the friendly assistance of Fred Flintstone helps parents limit their kids daily computer time. Fred limits each computer user to a pre-configured time (set in minutes), per day. Hover the mouse over Fred`s icon and you`ll find how many minutes you have left. With one minute to expiry, a message pops-up asking you to logoff. AlaTimer would logoff, shutdown or restart the computer, when the pre-set time expires.

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Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0: Open Source (free) time-limit management and PC reservation client for Windows
Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0

An Open Source (free) time limit management and PC reservation system. Includes both client and server components. This windows client software retrieves remaining time from the server based on username (or barcode) and password supplied by the user. A count down clock shows remaining time and logs the users out automatically once their time is up.

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CheapestSoft KidsTime 1.4: KidsTime help parents control the time their kids spend playing computer games.
CheapestSoft KidsTime 1.4

KidsTime is an ideal computer program designed to help parents control the time their children spend playing computer games. Control is made possible by a set of intervals delimiting when a listed game may or may not be played. A time limit for play for each day or even for an entire week can also be set. KidsTime will terminate any program from the "games" list that will attempt to break the rules you set yourself.

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FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40: Find the matching pairs limited to a timer or attempts
FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40

The lot of pair cards is mixed up on the game area. Your task to open all cards in pairs for allocated time or attempts. It is simultaneously possible to open only two cards. If opened cards are not pair, they will close. The found pair disappears from a area. Play modes. Time limit - open all pairs for allocated time. Time countdown begins after opening the first card. Move limit - open all pairs for allocated moves.

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